Thursday, February 2, 2012

Songwritingly Challenged

Happy Groundhog Day!
Wiarton Willie predicts an early spring. so are we skipping winter?
i was walking home from work the other night, with a few things in my head. my friend Susan had alerted me to a crazy idea: February Album Writing Month. that's right - the challenge is to write fourteen songs in twenty-eight days.
i was also thinking, as i always am, that i need to find an idea for a new songwriting project.
i also had a topical phrase in my head which i thought might become a song: "There hasn't been a winter yet".
that day we had snow, something we haven't seen much of so far. i got home and shovelled the drive, with the new song growing in my head. when i entered the house, Deb had a cd on - Fred Eaglesmith's "Dusty", one of my very favourite albums. and hers: "I love it because it's about old guys".
Ka-Ching! the world conspires to bring these things together: my new project would be "Still Dusty", an album of songs inspired by my love for Fred's album.
so i'm right on track - one song, two days - for how long, no one knows.
I'll Be Ready
There hasn't been a winter yet / the pattern is on hold
I'm doing what i can / i will until i'm cold
There hasn't been a winter yet / i don't feel it coming on
The evening wind is empty / but it pulls another dawn
refrain: When winter comes, i'll be ready
When temperatures are low, and steady
Life goes underground
Snow contains the sound
When silence comes around, i'll be ready
There hasn't been a winter yet / the ponies are getting soft
The old wolf can't hide / when they go running off
There hasn't been a winter yet / the trails ain't open
Thin ice on the lake / begging to be broken
There hasn't been a winter yet / but time does not stand still
It marches on 'til March is gone / and the sun hits the hills
There hasn't been a winter yet / i'm watching from the porch
The creeping south will soon engage / the armies of the north
There hasn't been a winter yet / we're suspended in fall
The colour-scented season / beneath it all
There hasn't been a winter yet / that didn't end in spring
Cemetery flowers / you won't have to bring

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