Thursday, February 9, 2012


what are you supposed to do, when there's nothing to be done
even the shadows are a gift from the sun
it ain't rained in a while, but the crops are fine
plenty of fish in the creek
and the best one on the line
(refrain) don't go lookin' for rainbows
you've already got the gold
don't go tellin' stories you already know
don't dream of another, it'll leave you cold
don't go lookin' for rainbows
what are you supposed to say, when you think you've said it all
say it again, and again you'll fall
tell her you're glad she got hold of you
this time on the phone, and the first time too
(coda)here's what you're supposed to do:
find the one who's good for you
say it right and make it true
and don't go lookin' for rainbows
i know, it's not great. i took a day off to help some friends, and i lost the groove.
that's my excuse, anyway. i'm writing with enough confidence to expect that what i'll end up with is good, so when it's not, well...
i knew that Fred's "Rainbows" would be a difficult song to start from, but i was keen to do it, once again, against the grain. i've stolen the first lines of each verse, but my larceny goes way deeper. i'm using some of his phrasing style, and definitely bits of melody - all these things add up to the "feel". i want to steal that feel.
"feel" wasn't enough on this one. it might get changed for the better after i've played it a bunch of times.

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