Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Surrender Love

singing birds on the street, and all is well,
storm's coming up to fill it
sky is white, the colour of hope,
the colour of surrender
surrender, love, surrender
have a drink with the lads, and lasses fair
we'll toast you with the last
stood here like lines of a song
lined up to surrender
surrender, love, surrender
hold on to all you need
and all that you know
i'll hold on to you, and then
we let go
now the rain's on the ground, the road's aglow
footlights on a stage
curtain falls, then curtain calls
calling for surrender
surrender, love, surrender
hold on to all you know
and all that you need
i'll hold on to you, and then
we -
surrender, love, surrender

yesterday was a good day. i got some stuff done. worked on the new songs, tweaking words and trying to memorize. then i got an email offerring a wee gig from the folks at Mariposa, chuffed that they thought of me. life is good.

i was standing on the porch, where i often get inspiration, listening to the birds' beautiful "there's a storm coming" racket.

sure enough, the first line came to me, and i had the verse in a few minutes.

the rolling waltz rhythm felt really good, like a drinking song. so the second verse had to start with "have a drink.." this verse has proved the most difficult to finish, which is often the way - the first verse comes easily, but with it i impose the form on the remaining verses. it's harder to fit words to a structure than to have the words create it.

i thought about making it a verse-only song, as the fifth-line "tag" acts as something of a mini-chorus, but decide it needed a bridge, to add interest.

the bridge felt good, but after i wrote the last verse, i wanted to repeat it, so it became a chorus. typical for me, though, i changed it - sorry, folks, i know you like the repetition, but it's not really a sing-alongable refrain.

i switched the need/know lines to give me a rhyme for the one-word last line, "we - " which hangs there for a moment before i wrap with the tag line. feels good.

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